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07:35 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comUnilever Mashreq invests over EGP 500m in Egypt since end-2016 (1)

07:35 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comKing of Malaysia, El Attal discuss investment opportunities in Egypt (1)

07:35 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comGap between rich, poor in Egypt shrinking, middle class doing worse: LSE Director (1)

07:35 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comUNB reduces its Egyptian branch’s board of directors to seven members (1)

07:35 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comIrrigation Minister asks Egyptians to be ‘more concerned’ over water scarcity (1)

07:35 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comEl Gazzar to outline government’s real estate vision at Cityscape Egypt 2019 (1)

07:35 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comEgyptian, Britsh armies continue ‘Ahmose-1′ in Alexandria (1)

07:35 TheDailyNewsEgypt.comInpector Capital BV acquires Scimitar Production Egypt Ltd to invest in energy (1)