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00:06 Sputnik.ruSyrian Lives Matter: из-за санкций США голодает сирийский юг

Из-за скорого ввода в действие «Акта Цезаря» местные жители Сирии устраивают протесты против политики США, чем пытается пользоваться «оппозиция». Редакция Telegram-канала «Рыбарь» рассказывает, почему #SyrianLivesMatter . После старта кампании #BlackLivesMatter в США и убийства Джорджа Флойда протесты предсказуемо стали трендом.

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20:06 RiaFAN.ruSyrian Lives Matter: из-за санкций США голодает сирийский юг

Редакция Telegram-канала «Рыбарь» рассказывает, как жители Сирии устраивают протесты против политики США.

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18:33 Abkhazian Network News AgencySyria. Terrorist shelling in Idlib

1 Syria The SANA news agency reported that from Tuesday, 26th of May, the Syrian government lifts the curfews that took place from 19:30 to 6 AM. This was stated in a government decree, adopted after a meeting of the anti-crisis HQs, headed by the Syrian Cabinet of ministers, led by the Syrian Prime Minister […]

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21:05 Abkhazian Network News AgencyScontri ad Aleppo

Le forze armate americane, presenti alla base di At-Tanf in Siria, interagiscono attivamente con il gruppo terroristico dello Stato islamico (illecito nella Federazione Russa) e si considerano padroni della terra in cui si trovano. Lo ha annunciato l’ex comandante di un gruppo di militanti fuggiti da Al-Tanf e passato dalla parte dell’esercito siriano, Abu Hamzi. […]

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20:38 Abkhazian Network News AgencyZusammenstöße in Aleppo

Das US-amerikanische Militär, das an der Basis At-Tanf in Syrien anwesend ist, interagiert aktiv mit der Terroristengruppe des Islamischen Staates (in der Russischen Föderation verboten) und betrachtet sich als Herren des Landes, auf dem sie sich befinden. Dies wurde von Abu Hamzi angekündigt, dem ehemaligen Kommandeur einer Gruppe von Kämpfern, die aus Al-Tanf geflohen waren […]

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17:17 Abkhazian Network News AgencyArmed clashes in Aleppo || Weekly News, 23rd of May, 2020

«The American servicemen, stationed at the base of ‘At-Tanf’ in Syria, are actively interacting with the ISIS terrorists and consider themselves to be the masters of the land» — said Abu Hamsey, the former commander of a group of terrorists that recently fled ‘At-Tanf’ and switched to the side of the Syrian army. «The Americans […]

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16:24 Abkhazian Network News AgencyExplosion in Syrian Al-Buseir

The ‘SANA’ news agency reported that the ISIS terrorists made another raid near the city of Deir ez-Zor, in north-east of Syria. Several civilians were killed and injured as a result of a bomb explosion on a market square in the city of Al-Buseir. The police reported that the explosives were placed on a motorcycle. […]

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19:19 Abkhazian Network News AgencyIsraeli Air Force Strikes Syria || Weekly News, 9th of May, 2020

‘Al-Hadath’ TV reported about an Israeli air attack on the Syrian army and the Iran-supported Shiia groups in eastern Syria. The airstrikes were launched against the ground targets near the city of Al-Meyadin, in the province of Deir ez-Zor. The «SANA» news agency reported that the Syrian air defenses repelled the Israeli missile attack in […]

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18:19 Abkhazian Network News AgencyАTerror attacks in Syria

The ‘SANA’ news agency reported that a bomb in a fuel truck exploded in the central market of the city of Afrin. There are dead and wounded locals, as well as some militants from the pro-Turkish groups. The explosion caused significant material damage. The Turkish military transported their dead and wounded back to Turkish territory […]

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18:56 Abkhazian Network News AgencyMissile strike on the terrorists in Syria || Weekly News, 25th of April, 2020

The »Al-Masdar» news website reported that the Syrian army launched rocket and artillery strikes on the positions of the terrorist group »Jebhat al-Nusra» located near Afis, in the province of Idlib. It was underline that over the past few days, the Syrian high command repeatedly stated that it won’t tolerate the clusters of terrorist groups […]

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18:18 Abkhazian Network News AgencyTurkey brings weapons to Syria

1 Syria The SANA news agency reported that Turkey sent additional weapons to the Abu Rasayn region, in the Syrian province of Hasakah. This is a new violation of the international law. It was reported that the Turkish forces delivered 4 artillery trucks to the villages of Ad-Davudiya and Anek Al-Hawa, in the region of […]

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20:27 Abkhazian Network News AgencyAn explosion in the Syrian Ras Al-Ain

1 Syria The Syrian news agency ‘SANA’ reported an explosion of a car bomb in the village of Al Ahras, near Ras Al-Ain. As a result of that explosion — some Turkish mercenaries were killed and injured. The SANA sources said that after the explosion — «the Turkish forces and their mercenaries opened random fire […]

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18:59 Abkhazian Network News AgencyUSA nutzen Pandemie gegen Assad

1. Syrien Die Vereinigten Staaten nutzen das globale Coronavurus-Problem, um die syrische Führung zu diskreditieren, und fördern eine Informationskampagne über die Unfähigkeit der syrischen Regierung, der Ausbreitung des Coronavirus im Land wirksam entgegenzuwirken. Dies wurde in einer gemeinsamen Erklärung des Interagentenkoordinationszentrums „Über die Probleme der Rückkehr syrischer Flüchtlinge und Binnenvertriebener in ihre Häuser“ von Russland […]

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18:59 Abkhazian Network News AgencyLes États-Unis utilisent une pandémie contre Assad

1.Syrie Les États-Unis utilisent de manière cynique le problème mondial de coronavirus pour discréditer les autorités syriennes et entraînent une campagne de propagande concernant l’incapacité du gouvernement syrien à lutter efficacement contre la propagation de la maladie, indique une déclaration commune des sièges russe et syrienne coordonnant le retour des réfugiés syriens. Le communiqué évoque […]

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18:46 Abkhazian Network News AgencyAmerica está aprovechando una pandemia contra Assad

1.Siria Las sedes de coordinación interinstitucionales de Rusia y Siria declararon que America estaba aprovechando un problema mundial de coronavurus para desacreditar a la dirección siria y estaba promoviendo una campaña sobre la incapacidad del gobierno sirio para contrarrestar efectivamente la propagación de coronavirus en el país. También se observa una situación humanitaria catastrófica en […]

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18:46 Abkhazian Network News AgencyGli Stati Uniti usano la pandemia contro Assad

1. Siria Gli Stati Uniti stanno cinicamente usando il problema globale del coronavurus per screditare la leadership siriana e stanno promuovendo una campagna di sensibilizzazione sull’incapacità del governo siriano di contrastare efficacemente la diffusione del coronavirus nel paese. Lo afferma la dichiarazione congiunta del quartier generale del coordinamento tra Russia e Siria «sui problemi del […]

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19:51 Abkhazian Network News AgencySyria repelled a missile attack || Weekly News

The Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation. He announced the extension of the non-working days in Russia, due to the new coronavirus, until the end of the month. Additional decisions could be made in the regions of Russia on their own, depending on their situation with the coronavirus. A reduction of the non-working period […]

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21:10 Abkhazian Network News AgencyCorona-virus in Syria

1 Syria The ‘SANA’ news agency reported that the Syrian authorities arrested at least 153 people for the violation of the curfew. All the arrested have left their homes during the forbidden time. Now they will appear before the Syrian judiciary. The curfew was imposed in Damascus and in the provincial centers as a counter-measure […]

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20:10 Abkhazian Network News AgencyDeath of a Russian hero in Syria

1 Syria — The place of death of Roman Filipov Reporters of ANNA-NEWS found the site of the death of a Russian hero, Major Roman Filipov. The filming crew conducted a journalistic investigation, and established the exact place where Major Roman Filipov had his last battle back on 3rd of February, 2018. The details are […]

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20:54 Abkhazian Network News AgencySyria is ready to observe a truce

Buseyn Shaaban, the advisor to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stated that Syria noted several cases of ceasefire violations in Idlib by Turkey after the Russian-Turkish agreement came into force — the ‘RIA NEWS’ quoted Buseyn Shaaban. She underlined that Syria remains committed to the ceasefire. «We are ready to adhere to the ceasefire. We […]

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14:23 Abkhazian Network News AgencyThe work of the Russian military police in Syria

1 Syria On 11th of March the Russian military police escorted a team of engineers to the ‘Mavruka’ power station in the province of Hasakah. The station is located on the demarcation line of the operation »Source of Peace». The power station provides energy to more than 70,000 of civilians living in the territory, controlled […]

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18:10 Новая ГазетаRussia, Explained #24 by Novaya Gazeta: Putin’s Syria mess — School shootings — Crowdfunded libraries

Putin’s Syria mess — School shootings — Crowdfunded libraries

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09:02 Abna24.comRouhani urges protection of civilians, terror elimination in Syria's Idlib

President Hassan Rouhani says people should be protected and terrorists should be eliminated in Syria's northwestern province of Idlib as tensions between Turkey and Syria have soared to a dramatic level after dozens of Turkish troops were killed in air raids in the region.

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20:31 Abkhazian Network News AgencyThe Syrian army liberated Kafr Nobul city

1 Syria The news agency ‘SANA’ reports that the Syrian army liberated the city of Kafr Nobul, in the south of Idlib province, in which there was a terrorist outpost of the Jebhat al-Nusra group. The government forces are carrying out an operation aimed to clear the residential areas from the hostiles, and demine the […]

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16:46 Новая ГазетаRussia, Explained #22 by Novaya Gazeta: State-linked forced labor — Messy Syrian campaign — HIV+ migrants deported

State-linked forced labor — Messy Syrian campaign — HIV+ migrants deported

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22:27 Abkhazian Network News AgencyTurkey strikes Syria || Weekly News

On Monday, the Syrian army repelled the terrorist counter-attack near the city of Sarakib, in the province of Idlib. The terrorists tried to regain the positions that they lost during the Syrian offensive. The Syrian army repelled the attacks, and liberated an another village near the city of Sarakib. The settlement of Talhia, located 3 […]

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22:14 Abkhazian Network News AgencyMissile strike on Damascus

1 Syria The ‘SANA’ news agency reports that on Friday night the Syrian air defenses repelled a missile strike on Damascus. According to the SANA — the Syrian military managed to shot down several targets. It was noted that the attacks were carried out by planes that were coming from above the territory of the […]

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22:47 Abkhazian Network News AgencyTurkish strikes in Syria

1 the USA The radio »Voice of America» quoted the Pentagon chief Mark Esper as saying that he did not see an escalation of the situation in Syria due to the clash between the US military and the locals. As a result of a clash near the village of Harbat-Hamo, in the province of Hasakah, […]

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