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23:35 Abkhazian Network News AgencyAnkara will continue the fight against the Kurds in Syria || Breaking News, 14th of January, 2019

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23:09 Abkhazian Network News AgencyThe USA sent warships to Syria || Breaking News, 12th of January, 2019

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13:19 Abkhazian Network News AgencySyrian Army took Manbij under control

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12:20 Abkhazian Network News AgencyDecree on the withdrawal of the US troops from Syria has been signed Breaking News, 24th of Dece

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10:06 Abkhazian Network News AgencyThe USA are closing the military base in Al-Tanf in Syria

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08:01 Abkhazian Network News AgencyFrance will continue fighting the terrorism in Syria

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21:41 Abkhazian Network News AgencyThe EU is concerned with the actions of Turkey in Syria

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16:57 RusVesna.suShelling of St. Francis church in Aleppo (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

«Russian Spring» fresh report from Syrian Arab republic tells more about that.

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17:24 RusVesna.suSyria on the brink of new war: modern weapons flowing to terrorists (INFOGRAPHIC)

Terrorists are provided with weapons and modern means of warfare, they will not miss the opportunity to use them.

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11:09 Abkhazian Network News AgencyUSA mette in dubbio gli attacchi chimici a Aleppo siriano.Riassunto delle notizie, l`8 dicembre 2018

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10:56 Abkhazian Network News AgencyThe US disprove the chemical attacks in the Syrian Aleppo.Breaking News, 8th of December, 2018

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10:56 Abkhazian Network News AgencyDie USA bestreiten chemische Angriffe in der syrischen Stadt Aleppo. Schlagzeilen, 8. Dezember 2018

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23:42 Abkhazian Network News AgencyCoalition’s airstrikes on the Syrian Hajin || Breaking News, 7th of December, 2018

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09:43 Новое Восточное ОбозрениеGas in Aleppo, Stranger than Truth

It wasn’t a strange twist of fate when an American television drama foretold the chemical attack on Aleppo on November 24, 2018. Only days before, the Russian government had warned of such an attack and reported that rockets with chemical warheads were being deployed. Well, the attack really happened but this time, Russian Aerospace Forces […]

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09:43 Новое Восточное ОбозрениеSyria, Iran, Georgia: Slippery Slope in Discussing Oil Smuggling and Sanctions

The history of sanctions teaches us that they are like a pole – you can find a way around them, and in the process, find a niche market for all kinds of smugglers, gangsters, and political types, as co-operation is needed at all levels. For this reason, sanctions often have the opposite effect to that […]

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11:03 Abkhazian Network News AgencyIsraeli missiles over Damascus Breaking News, 30th of November, 2018

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13:45 WarandPeace.RuSyrian Air ведет с Россией переговоры о закупке лайнеров МС-21

Сирийская государственная авиакомпания Syrian Air ведет переговоры с РФ о закупке лайнеров МС-21, заявил в интервью РИА Новости генеральный директор компании Таляль Абдулкарим.

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12:06 Forbes.kzSyrian Air прокомментировало закрытие воздушного пространства Грузии

Под налоговую амнистию в Казахстане подпадают более 90 тыс. субъектов МСБ Закрытие Грузией воздушного пространства для сирийских авиакомпаний...

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17:41 RusVesna.suSlaughter in Syria: Turkish military and pro-Turkish militants destroy each other (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

There are killed and wounded on both sides, artillery and other heavy armaments are used.

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15:36 RusVesna.suRussian MoD shows unique footage of the newest Su-57 combat missions in Syria (VIDEO)

Flights of the newest Russian fighter aircraft in combat conditions confirmed the declared technical capabilities.

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09:28 RusVesna.suHorrendous pictures: militants massacred Syrian army squadron in Latakia mountains (PHOTO 18+)

The servicemen were taken aback at a mountain outpost while they were sleeping.

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07:53 RusVesna.suMilitants keep on striking Aleppo (VIDEO)

Об этом в новом репортаже «Русской Весны» из Сирийской Арабской Республики.

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16:56 RusVesna.suMilitants attacking Aleppo (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Fresh report by «Russian Spring» from Syrian Arab Republic tells more about that.

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14:49 RusVesna.suSyria: Large ISIS NATO weapon depot found in Deir Zor (PHOTO)

More details in «Russian Spring» latest report from Syrian Arab Republic.

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12:18 Abkhazian Network News AgencyWhat will Israel oppose the S-300 in Syria?

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11:48 RusVesna.suInvisible heroes of Syrian war: How Nalchik family helps Russian army (PHOTOS)

Fresh «Russian Spring» report from Syrian Arab Republic.

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20:19 RusVesna.suAmerica Must Realize It Has No Say in Syria's Future

The reality on the ground is that there is no good reason for a continued U.S. military presence. A piece by The Natiobal Interest.

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02:19 Amic.ruSyrian war: жителей "двух Алтаев" записали в наемников ЧВК Вагнера

Четверо жителей из Алтайского края и Республики Алтай оказались в списке 206 наемников частной российской военной компании (ЧВК) Вагнера. Персональные данные обнародовала Служба безопасности Украины...

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13:38 Sputnik.ruMade in Syria — В Латакии шьют форму для ливанской футбольной команды

Сирийская фабрика научилась выживать в условиях войны и санкций.

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13:29 5-TV.ruMade in Syria — В Латакии шьют форму для ливанской футбольной команды

Сирийская фабрика научилась выживать в условиях войны и санкций.

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12:34 RusVesna.suSyrian militants «knocked in» a nail into single-eyed American's head who came to rescue them — «Private war» trailer released (VIDEO)

The plot is based on the real story of Mary Colvin, an American-British war reporter.

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18:36 ИноСМИ.RuSyria news, Сирия: Российский солдат празднует освобождение Эль-Кунейтры

В арабских соцсетях набирает популярность видео с танцующим российским солдатом. Никаких боевых подвигов, никакой «калинки-малинки», ничего необычного: просто решил вместе с жителями Эль-Кунейтры отметить возвращение города под контроль сил режима. Теперь сирийцы могут оценить не только мощь российского оружия, но и танцевальное мастерство наших солдат.

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15:57 Вести.Ru Special Report: Frontline Military Reporter Brings Exclusive on Syria’s ACTUAL Wartime Refugees

A television program about modern conflicts and wars that are over, ongoing, or about to start. I'm Evgeny Poddubny, a VGTRK military reporter.

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13:37 RusVesna.suUpcoming chimecal provocations in Syria: why do we expect them?

The topic of the classes was stated as «preparation for action under conditions of poisonous substances implementation».

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